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best powder for 223 75gr This means 1200 to 1500 for me. Selected as the powder for U. 223 Remington round through a 5. 7 gr. of CFE 223 for the 55 Gr. 30-30 Winchester; and offers… Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 223 Remington by Hornady at Vance Outdoors. 223 Rem 40 gr V-MAX 3650 fps - 200/box. 23 Feb 2019 CFE 223 is best I have used on 75gr and heavier bullets. Federal AE223T75 American Eagle . Jan 04, 2011 · Some of the powders that have proven to be ideal for use in the . Development of the . 75 GR. 62 grain bullets may Apr 12, 2011 · It did not like hunting bullets in the 55 grain class. Started seeing pressure signs around 25gr, even though it was within published loads. 223 Remington Brass, 22 bullets, powder, primers and loading dies for . Based off a standard 55gr bullet leaving the barrel at 3,215fps and follows the bullet trajectry all the way to 1000 yards in steps of 50 yard increments. Do wish I could find it again as the most accurate powder I've ever used is that 2230-C. It seemed to shoot very well in all of my . POWDER 2700 2800 2900 3000 3100 3200 IMR 4198 17. 5 is like 3/4 (well bit more) to compressed load? Jan 18, 2019 · Hornady Superformance is loaded to higher velocities than standard . The others I use and think highly of are Hodgodon H335, Accurate A2230, and Ramshot TAC. I will give Smokeless Powder. 224" Case: WIN ¦ Max Case Length: 1. 308 Winchester, . Then again guns are like any other hobby once you get one you want another. 223 I load 24. 1 gr. I specifically mention 4895 because it has done so well in so many. Well HH my . 223 Remington prior to being fired, this too can cause unwanted pressure increases. Dec 10, 2009 · I was using 25 grs. com has an excellent page with information on the 223 Remington Ackley Improved here. H414 is the top powder, but Varget and H4895 are not very far behind with a 120 grain bullet. 4 Gr. Barnes HPBT bullets. 260 Rem. 243 is the best choice. Not finicky, it shoots well with a wide variety of powders, both extruded (stick) and granular (ball). I tried W748 with Winchester 55gr PSP and Nosler shots. When it was new I got reasonable accuracy with factory loads. L. 5 under the 168 grain MatchKing for excellent results. 10 Feb 2015 Ramshot TAC is a great ball powder for heavier bullets. 110 in. The 243 can be loaded with 55 gr's and shoot as flat as the 22-250 then load up bigger grain if needed. Let's go over the best reloading powders for . 222 Remington that offered powder capacity and velocity increases. We have container sizes from 1 pound, 4 pounds and all the way up to 8 pounds. Jul 28, 2019 · By the way, I tried Varget, CFE 223, Power Pro 2000 MR and RE-15, with a number of different bullets, but H4895 produced the best groups and best consistency for me. May 02, 2009 · W-748 is a very good load for . For example, Reloder 7 is an excellent choice for bullets weighing anywhere from 40 to 55 grains, but the slower burning Reloder 15 is a better choice for those weighing 60 grains and up. It is a medium to slow burning powder, and a little dirty, but it has MANY uses and is readily available. 25. 223 Remington began in 1957, and it became commercially available in January 1964, about a month prior to U. 223 Remington 62-Gr Bonded BT; American Eagle Ammo . They are about a half inch too long for the magazine BTW. Shooting a 400 gr FP. Plus stick powder is kind of annoying to meter properly in standard powder throwers. I loaded some 75gr Amaxes to 0. May 29, 2018 · The five powders I used were all Hodgdon: Benchmark, CFE 223, H322, H4198, and Varget. Jan 22, 2011 · vit 133 is in alot of peoples books as one of the best powders for 223. I have found load data on other fourms that show as little as 6. That said, there are several good powders for the . I hate having 3/4# cans of weirdo powders on my bench, after buying them for load workups Aug 09, 2017 · What I do, to take advantage of both types of cases, is to use my military brass for a different powder/bullet combination, so it won’t get confused with other loads. The logic of bigger slug equals more powder is a fatal mistake, this is why we consult ballisticians and manuals. With these powders, one can load bullets from 55 grains right up to the heaviest 6mm bullets available. Reloading Machines. Every round you fire has been individually measured and matched to make sure it is reliable. I just got my Chrony back yesterday and tried it this morning, it was showing that load of 75 grain A-Max's to be at 2,920 fps. 223 Rem 75 gr BTHP Match™ Item #8026 | 20/Box . 313 or 1. bullets? According to my new Hornady 9th Edition Reloading Manual, it is showing a max charge of 27. 224 75gr BTHP and some V-140 on order, but only H335 in house. 223 loads. BP-B2 Re: . 4 gr. 0 2680 45,200 PSI 25. Nov 30, 2012 · For the best velocity, accuracy, etc Varget, but it's a stick powder and slow to load. 223 Rem loads, H4895, AA 2015, and TAC are all versatile and cost-effective. I'm using it with Sierra 77gr MK and Berger 82gr MT bullets, which are a bit heavier than your selection. 27. An interesting thing: I tested a 1/9 twist Colt MT6700 20 inch rifle and at 100 yards, it showed a preference for the 75 grain Hornady bullet over 69 gr. For faster I have used Benchmark, H335, Varget, 4895, H322, and RE 7 all with good results. Sep 21, 2018 · If the bullet from a 5. A powder you can use for a 52gr to a 75gr bullet? I have 1/9 twist barrel. If you need a single, do-it-all powder for your . It isn't temp sensitive like a lot of powders are. And that is the thing nowadays. All these powders are appropriate in the listed loads. Apr 28, 2010 · All four loads with these different powders exhibited vastly different grouping characteristics at 100 yards. All but the IMR are  4 Dec 2016 Best powder for 75+ gr . O. of Varget. A 75gr VMax at 3300-3400fps is a devestating load another that many swear by is the 58 and 65 gr VMax Mark Aug 30, 2012 · I'm trying to reduce the cost of my AR plinking, and will shortly start reloading for my 223. Winchester 748 WC846 (surplus) WC844 (surplus) H355 (basically WC844) BLC2 (basically WC846) 62 gr SS109 w/24. CFE 223 24. 0. 4 3,659 54,690 2. 250 Rem. For years the go to powder was IMR4895, but no more. 62mm NATO powder. Bulk 223 Reloading bullets for sale. 3's. 5gr. As with any load, you should begin at the start load and work up. These varmint/match bullets are about as good as they come. Both listed together with the load data. I've have good luck with both. 223 Premium Mix - 1000ct 223 75gr TMJ Boat Tail - 500ct  24 Jan 2013 I've got some Hornady . X-terminator also works well with 55gr Blitzkings and Hornady 75gr BTHP's. In my Hodgdon reloading book printed 1989 for Winchester powder 60-63 gr. Enjoy premium results with Fiocchi Extrema Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. They're formulated to be used in both. 56 Post by storage_man » Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:51 pm Since the OP eluded to not ever reloading . There are three powders available to Australian reloaders that are just ideal in the . 55-70 Gr bullets Best all around for heavier bullets 70 gr + Best powder for colder conditions. 223 and. . what powder works best. Was hoping some of you have load data for the 75gr Hornady BTHP. CFE 223 yields top velocities in many cartridges such as the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington/5. Not asking for  8 Jan 2018 our own pace that makes this truly one of the best lifestyles in the world. 223 Ammo by Hornady Steel Match. More powder with a heavier slug will create an over-pressure situation. 223 75 gr same lot 387 Hornady frontier 5. 56 chamber vice . 56 NATO ammo, and try to offer you 223 ammunition at very aggressive prices so that you can share in our Sep 11, 2020 · Hodgdon Powder Company CFE223 Smokeless Powder for 223 USA – - (Ammoland. shoots fantastically In my 8. Being avid shooters ourselves, we enjoy trying out new 223 ammo and 5. Best accuracy so far came with the Ultramax with the Hornady 68gr. They're  Conclusion, H335 is a great powder up to 75gr bullet weight and the slower CFE223 takes over and works best for heavier bullets Smiley. ing the powder charge. Re: Whats the best powder for 75gr 5. so i can't say its a good coyote load. 69gr HpBT nosler, 24gr. Feb 28, 2016 · Guys I run this powder with excellent results in my 1-8 twist 20" AR's using Hornady 75gr HPBT match bullets COL 2. Works great. these are for my once i find the best charge for both powders the higher velocity will be  16 May 2008 The best powders I've found for the . Features to Consider When Buying Deer Hunting Ammo The Caliber. 223 Remington cases are of good quality, but to obtain The good news is, the vast majority of these powders are effective and reliable. BTHP Hornaday, 23. 223 Remington with a barrel twist rate of 1 in 9”. The . 441 downrange below Mach 1. I go with 24 grs. We carefully select every component to ensure uniformity, then load to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. 30-30 Winchester; and offers… these will yeild the most velocity in the lighter bullets. This ammunition is loaded with a 75gr BTHP projectile that will offer good terminal ballistics, and the added velocity will increase the effective range of the ammunition. Be diligent when using the suggested Varget or any cylindrical powder in a progressive press, they have a nasty habit of bridging on a 223 case resulting in a low charge in one case followed by an overcharge in the following case. The truth is that I’ve held off on writing this article because as far as priorities, choosing the “best” rifle self-defense ammo is just not as important a […] i use 335 / vardet in my 223,243 and retumbo in the 300rum but i have never owned a 22-250. What I've found and used are W746 and Alliant AR-Comp. 223 bullets for reloading into four major categories. Funny thing is I started reloading in the early 1970's for a . 56mm NATO, with commonly available powders . As with ALL powders, they work best in certain combinations only. Very light bullets in the 40 grain range permit extra fast muzzle velocities, ideal for when a flat trajectory followed by a shallow wound channel are desired for varmint hunting. nosler, 26. and 8 lb. Target Sports USA has the entire line of Hornady Black ammo for sale online including this Hornady Black 223 Jul 26, 2016 · I use 55 grain FMJ for plinking and 55 grain DRT copper frangible ammo for deer hunting. 2 Oct 2009 Re: Best powder for the 223 - 10/02/09 08:06 PM reloader-15 with a 75 gr. Jan 06, 2016 · Select 223 Remington, check off your weights, select IMR, then 4166 I was able ti find a load for two different 55s, a 69, and a 75. +1 for 24. 250" CCI 400 primers(I have run thousands of these in an AR) 22. 6 gr. Contents [show]. If you were looking for one powder for . It would shoot match grade 55 grainer but not very accurately. 56 ammo for the AR-15: Federal Fusion Ammo . data is how similar it is to the . Designed to be the economical choice for competition, practice or plinking, Hornady might have spared you some expense but they didn't let up on the quality. Mar 07, 2009 · I've also loaded up some trial rounds that are . Use of one of the many powders listed (including CFE 223) will give you all the velocity you are going to get out of a 16" (or 20" or 24") barrel at the same pressure because their burning rate is matched - and engineered in the case of many of these powders - to the . Thanks. Norma 202 – Best for . How to Pick the Best Reloading 308 Powder Hodgdon H335, BL-C2, CFE 223, Winchester 748 and Military pulled down powder W844 are all good. Oct 26, 2012 · IMR 8208 XBR is an excellent powder, and I use it in everything from . Most of my powders are Hogdgon, a few Alliants and IMRs. 223 is rated at 55,000 CUP (copper units of pressure) maximum. By far the best performance was with 23 grs. Developed specifically for AR-style rifles and ideally suited for heavy 223 and 308 match bullets, AR-Comp delivers high performance ignition each and every time. Burn rates range from IMR 4198 (fastest) to CFE 223 (slowest). Just want to stay on the safe side of things for now. The Hornady book lists their 75 gr HPBT as seated to fit the magazine but not the 75 gr Amax. 75 gr. 8 gr 2,820 FPS 75 gr 2000-MR 26. 56. 56 Nato cartridge, Vihtavuori’s N133 is a multipurpose rifle powder for centerfire . It’s great for heavier bullets and will help keep your firearm in top condition. Took a long time to clean, and it completely stained my NiB BCG. 8208XBR is the old 'Thunderbird' T-322 powder that the benchrest shooters in the 70's loved so much. The factory loaded 75 BTHP's shot real well in my 223. By all means try another if you have it to hand. However try to find all the powders they list anywhere here. The powder offers a number of benefits: It is smokeless; can be used in a variety of center fire rifle loads, including . Reasons are as follows, first my scope is a Nikon calibrated around a 55 grain bullet and at 200 yards a casual shooter like myself can easily shoot 3″ groups Fiocchi Extrema Rifle Ammunition . Winchester 748 Powder 1 lbs. The same goes for Hornady's 52gr BTHP and 55gr TAP FPD. Edited by Goofycat, 24 February 2010 - 06:59 PM. More desirable results can be achieved with other powders such as VIHT N-140, VIHT N-135 and AA2495, but this powder will suffice for our purposes and many others. Where is the best place to start? The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center (RDC) lists 21 different powder types that can be used in the . 56 brass. I take four different loads of Varget and IMR 3031 to the range and compare 5 shot groups at 100 yards. 56 Post by rbt50 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 8:27 pm i have been using winchester 748 for years. Powders The . Aug 02, 2011 · There is no one "beat" powder for any cartridge. that can take the pounding of long-range varmint shooting. 3 2811 I switched over all my . 224 Bullets, usually used in the 223 Remington and 5. 5 2627 45,400 PSI 24. I switched to 68gr Hornady and 69gr Sierra and immediately got much better grouping, again using the same powders. 223 and 34. fps and shoot's into the . i have tried other powders but always went back to 748. 22-. Available in 1 lb. H4895 looks good also and will give you good accuracy and speed out the 223 with 55 grain bullet Quote Jul 27, 2014 · The best powder is the one that works best with your rifle and your projectiles. 18. These are AR2208, AR2209 and Alliant Reloder 15. 30 Mar 2018 Powder. All I shoot is the 223 and 243 in my thinking the 223 is fast enough for varmints . Another good option is IMR 4895 smokeless powder. 223 Remington, and . Create custom ballistic I have tried both 2208/2209 and 2206H, the H is the best powder ive found for everything except the 243. 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 75 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point with Boat Tail. 9 grs max with their 75 gr bullet. wcc846, 3036 to 3084 fps. A powder measure is needed for the reloading process. You can best choose a caliber by looking at a number of 223 cartridges. 1-. 2230-C 2856 to 2915 fps, 5 shot 1/8" group. Below is our guide to finding the best 308 powder for your needs. The 75 gr. Alliant's new AR-Comp is the ideal powder for fast action, high volume AR shooters as well as those who enjoy shooting traditional rifles. I will be loading for my 5. I have probably used Hornady Black 223 Remington Ammo 75 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point - 80267 Hornady Black 223 Remington Ammo 75 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point ammunition for sale online at great prices with free shipping on bulk 223 Remington ammo available only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. Winchester 748 Powder is a trusted product backed by a company with 100-plus years in the reloading industry. BL-C (2) will perform better in the . 223 « Reply #22 on: November 25, 2008, 10:52:23 am » Like Marshalldodge was writing, VihtaVuori N-135 and for lighter bullets N-133 are very fine and clean burning. take your pick and go load up and enjoy shootingdont get all hung up on last fpsit really not that big of deal if its 3000fps or 3150fps at sub 200 yards the goat/deer/rabbit/wallaby/pig etc etc etc wont know the difference if you put projectile in right place. I want to make a good general purpose and distance shooting round which is better than the  Where is the best place to start? The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center (RDC) lists 21 different powder types that can be used in the . 223/556 rifle rounds, if he hasn't, be aware there several important basic steps that are needed prior to actually reloading a rifle round. All have done well for me. As always, I I use 75gr Hornady BTHP bullets. You probably will find that the IMR4350 will be the most accurate just off of max no craters or primer flattening. 25 and 0. This jump may possibly stay the same regardless of powder or charge weight within a given rifle. Apr 08, 2018 · I use IMR 4895 for my . Each cartridge is loaded with either Hornady ® A-MAX ® bullets, our high-performance boattail hollow points, or the new, radically superior ELD ® Match bullets 223 Remington Load Data; 5. Had a kind of weird day shooting OCW/ladders in my AR15 yesterday. We have all of the major manufacturers in the quantities and types that you want and need. 0 grs, OAL 2. 2208 I have seen not burning all its charge in the barrel of a 22-250 so I use 2206H for 223 and 308. Jer, the Trailboss powder is a fast burning pistol powder, which is why it works well for subsonics. 17 Oct 2013 I have 223 dies on order and wanted to ask if others can provide feedback to the best powders for use on the 550B for 223/5. 0 of H335 58 V-Max LC virgin Rem 7 1/2 2. Either will work in each cartridge, just not as well. 308 and quite popular for that reason. Match bullets. Alot of good powders for the 223 those are just a few I use I get good results with rl10x from 50gr to 75 gr all under 1" at 100 from a rest With some tweeking you can get great ballistics and very little recoil Dec 30, 2018 · Trying out the 75gr Speer Gold Dot in 223 Remington. Actual load order can vary, depending upon lot-to-lot powder and component variations. Where is the best place to start The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center RDC MK and 75 gr. 223 that is around 15 years old. 5 grains shown on the Hodgdon site. 6gr to 24. My bullet choices are . 223 REMINGTON 75GR HPBT PPU MATCH AMMO MODEL: PPM2232 | 20 ROUNDS PER BOX. bullet. 2. May 23, 2008 · The best powders I've found for the . 224? I'm looking for hunting loads for hogs. 78 a box at Wally's) and find it accurate, reliable, and clean. 224) Rem using 75GR HPBTs? The 556 I just ordered some Hogdon BL-C(2) powder to take advantage of reloading the above RamShot also has some good AR type 1:7 twist loads listed too: What are your suggestions for a good all around powder for . of cases, is to use my military brass for a different powder/bullet combination, 223 Rem Creedmoor 75gr HPBT 200 rounds $189. BTHP T2 bullet is designed to deliver rapid incapacitation upon impact. 0 3,018 23. 223. 223 Remington rifle using 77-grain Sierra bullets. 56 NATO, as well as in my Weatherby . It was a ball powder slightly slower burning than the ACCURATE 2230, however I was advised to use the reloading data for that powder. May 03, 2017 · The original trio of Enduron powders. 223 match ammo from to Alliant AR-COMP a couple years ago. 223 with 1-in-9 twist Part II The Hornady 75-grain HPBT seated to an overall cartridge length of 2. Nov 06, 2015 · I'm seeing that CFE 223 is a tad slower burning. 223s. 24. Although I found stellar  best powder for 223 60 grain bullets If your gun has the fast twist rifling I Rem 75 gr BTHP Match 223 Rem 75 gr BTHP Match Carefully Matched Powder. I us BLC-2 with Hornady 75 gr bullets and get 1/4 in. I have a pound of 8208 XBR for 223 development, haven't gotten round tuit yet. The best all-around medium speed rifle powder providing excellent . I have got Lake City Brass and CCI primers. I have used two powders for heavy bullets in 223 - TAC and Varget. 55grainers I personally feel want to be driven lightning fast. If you want your children to follow in your footsteps, be careful where you walk. This bullet does have a cannelure. com/Kotaboy32-14 Disclaimer: These vid Going to gun show tomorrow looking specifically for powder and projectiles. I have a Weatherby Vanguard in . Loaded with legendary Hornady® bullets, Hornady BLACK™ ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms. The Hornady 75gr A-Max and Match bullets are supposed to be a VLD type design. Norma 204 – Slow-burning for a wide variety of cartridges. Conversely, firing a . Customer. The Sierra 65-grain spitzer boat- tail and 69-grain MatchKing HPBT gave excellent results in the AR-15 with a one-in-9-inch twist. 250" in order to be sure the cartridges fit into the magazine. It runs me around . Many powders will work well in most applications. Not great but OK. 280 Jun 08, 2011 · I have been using TAC powder for my AR15 and . If you can get it, Here is what Hornady says about their 223 Rem 75 gr BTHP Match. 223 Remington 55000 Psi -- Standard SAAMI Commercial Specifications Barrel: 24" ¦ Twist: 1-12" ¦ Primer: WSR ¦ Bullet Diameter . 223 and 5. Antelope Loads Hunting pronghorn antelope can be a long-range affair. When it comes to reloading AR-style rifles as well as other rifles, there's a new powder choice on the market-AR-Comp™ from Alliant Powder. I've used 4064 with some success for 55 grain projectiles as well. I'm getting more velocity using smaller powder charges with AR-COMP over Varget. 750" Powder COL LT-32 40 HDY V-MAX 22. However, if you are new to the . Posted By: Mule Deer. 22-250 loads. I use 41. Highpower competitors, as well as law enforcement and military shooters and snipers, benefit from the Superformance ® Match™ advantages – higher muzzle velocity, phenomenal accuracy, increased range and reduced wind drift. 56/223 is weather it is for an AR or a bolt gun. or Winchester brass. 223 Remington/5. For the 62 to 75 grain bullets, Accurate 2520 has proven to be phenomenal. in an AR or bolt action. 308 with 175 gr. 5 increment. 223 or even subsonic. I get about 2515 fps SD around 10 with this load sometimes the SD is under 10 then on a diffrent day it may run just over 10. If you plan to shoot the heavy 75gr to 80gr bullets (and you have a barrel with appropriate twist rate), you’ll need a slower burning powder such as H4350, H4831sc, or Ramshot Big Game. 223 Remington. 223, but once you get TAC up into its optimum pressure range it produces very consistent velocities and great accuracy. 5 Gr. 57 (last price) per pound. Nov 08, 2019 · Powders Several Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester powders are appropriate for full-power 223 Rem. Im not l Just wondering what you 6x45 guys think or has worked the best for you in the powder department. 56mm NATO, 22-250 Remington and the 308 Winchester/7. 223? Thread starter Vaquero; Start date Dec 3, 2016. Sep 10, 2014 · Okay, I can't help myself, the best 223 powder happens to be the one you are lucky enough to find in stock. 0 grains instead of the 25. FMJ Perfecta ($9. But there are many other good combinations. Im not looking for specific load data just want to know if one powder shoots better than the rest. 223 / 5. 390" COL. i will be using this to shot all small critters. Thanks Bob Jul 11, 2019 · Norma 200 – Fast-burning powder for smallbore calibers such as . 56 NATO 75 GR Total Metal Jacket - 20rd Box Aug 28, 2013 · The two powders that have worked the best for me are two I had never used until I tried them in this rifle. 28 Aug 2015 75 gr AR-Comp 22. What's your Best all around for light bullets. Speer, SP, Winchester WSR-Small Rifle, Details. The thread is titled "the best powder for . For the lighter bullets, H335 ball powder is a proven performer, and N133 shows outstanding accuracy. groups in my MGM . 3 - 24. 224" 2. 50 Rounds of 75gr HPBT . All these powders are   best powder for 223 62gr Many gun marketers have been touting the capability 17 Ackley ammo 223 rem 55 gr gmx spf h83274 ammo 223 rem 75 gr bthp spf  American Reloading: The USA's best place for Reloading Supplies and Live Ammunition. 13 off the lands Jun 20, 2011 · What length barrel & twist rate are you using? 77's work best out of a 1 in 7 or 1 in 8 barrel. 260" 22. CFE-223, Hornady 75gr HPBT, 1gr increments up to last load which is . 5 grains in the . When on sale and bought in bulk, around 18 to 20 cents per bullet, best loaded LONG for single load at 600 although it is possible to load them to mag length it is not recommended. 55 grain bullets are essentially the standard weight and best for when you want performance like the U. The burn rate is medium in the scale of our ing the powder charge. Hodgdon's site recommens starting at 21gr and max of 23gr. From my shooting notes; Savage 12BVSS, 223 Rem, 26" Criterion 8 twist, Winchester brass, BR-4, Varget, shooting off bi-pod. 2gr. I don't have a chrono (yet), so was curious if anyone had some load data that has worked best for them. 22 Jan 2012 Whats the best powder you guys have found for reloading your 5. With a 75 gr JLK VLD, max charge of CFE 223 is 25. 6 Oct 2017 The 75gr Amax was known to be too long for AR mags without I need to do AR load development and will likely investigate IMR XBR8208 as a powder so I can load on my Dillon I heard good things about the Berger 73gn bullets, so I ordered some to What would be the max gr for a 223 with 1/9 twist? 15 Oct 2015 and want a head start on good loads and what powders to look into. There are four of them, with new number designations: IMR 4166, IMR 4451, IMR 4955, and IMR 7977. Feb 10, 2015 Handloading the AR-15 . Midsouth offers a huge selection of smokeless gun powder. 223 has a rather wide selection of bullets to choose from, so depending on your application, there will be a bullet for your needs. On a more serious note, I've been loading handgun for nearly 40 yrs, but fairly new to the 223/556. 2 gr over the manufacturer's max charge (TAC powder). 0gr of IMR-4895 with a 75gr A-Max, Max pressure of 49,100 CUP, at 2720fps on the high end, 2. Re: Best powder for . If a bolt gun, you likely would get better results from slower powders for 75gr bullets. 0. 0 gr. buy a reloading manual there are several good ones. Jan 01, 2012 · I just test fired my 45/70 with 3 different powders and there seemed to be quite a difference in accuracy. 223 fits the bill. It really doesn't make much difference because I don't save pelts. Most commercial . 0 grains of TAC for their 77gr BTHP. Hodgdon used a different brand of bullet but's it's a VLD. (2-1/10th grain less), for the same that all of the listed powders can be unsuitable for the given combination of cartridge, bullet and gun. With lighter bullets it does well in the 308 and 30-06 among Jul 26, 2018 · I could still hear the powder shake around, so there is still some room left to load more. This is good clean once fired brass with annealed case necks ready to be sized, de-primed and reloaded. 56 NATO/. only shot paper so far. Feb 01, 2008 · I'm experimenting with loads for a Rem700 . 223 ballistics chart (external) generated using our ballistic trajectory calculator. These powders have been skipped. Apr 29, 2017 · TAC and H335 are a slower burn rate powder than Win748. but the powder was getting compressed when seating to mag length. C. 223, I like Varget--however, I'm going to try some H335 pretty soon--it is a fine powder, and should meter well. Various anecdotal evidences suggest that the max load of 23. The fast twist disintegrated them before they could reach the target (really!!). 223 Ackley Improved (223 AI, 223 ACK IMP, or 223 Improved 40): The 223 Remington Ackley Improved is one of Ackley’s most popular creations. 223 Remington 55GR FMJ-BT; Hornady - Superformance Match Ammo . 5 gr WC846, CCI41 primers,and mixed range brass is my standard range bang bang load. 5 grains for . 223 Remington to . 224 75gr BTHP and some V-140 on order, but only Hornady 8th does not show H335 but lists eleven powders slower than a pill really calls for a slower powder like Varget, BL-C2 or CFE 223. com. 8 gr. 56×45 NATO Load Data; 222 Remington Magnum Load Data; 22 PPC-USA Load Data; 225 Winchester Load Data; 22 BR Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data; 220 Swift Load Data; 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 6mm PPC-USA Load Data; 6mm Creedmoor Load Data Jan 12, 2016 · If you’d like to know the absolute best 5. Jun 20, 2015 · Any of the ammunition with 68gr or 75gr BTHP projectiles should provide accurate groups out of your rifle. If you are willing to sacrifice a little accuracy for a big reduction in price, the bulk 223 ammo will be good practice fodder. military adoption of its twin cartridge – Cartridge, 5. 308 Win. Haven't loaded the  Cause 1500 to 1700 loads for 223 out of a pound of powder is way better than 250 to 300. For slower I tend towards Trailboss. com/kotaboy32 Email: kotaboy32@gmail. 6mmBR. 250. 24gr 2230-C 2777 to 2872 fps. At least that has been my experience. the is 1x14 twist so I can shoot the barrel burners 36/40's. 223/5. 223 Bolt Action Monarch. Vihtavuori N550 has been popular with guys who shoot the 75gr to 80gr bullets because it yields excellent velocity. thanks for the help Vihtavuori N133, the choice of top benchrest shooters Originally developed for 5. I have a Savage with a 1. I got a good load for the Winchesters. Looking for anyone's favorite load with H335. 260. 020" off the lands on my rifle with IMR4895 and will report on how they shoot. Other powders you may try are w748, varget, benchmark, and h335. These are our recommendations for the best . 10 shots you could cover with a dime at 50 yds. Hodgdon - Benchmark, 75 gr. Both the Hornady BTHP and the milsurp from Widener's shot great out of both rifles. 760" ¦ Trim Length: 1. wcc846, 3025 to 3134. And when working up powder charges, keep in mind that the . 56 One thing that really makes a difference for 5. What powder is everyone using. However, I am partial to CFE 223 for its good accuracy and the fairly high velocities it gave 55-grain bullets fired from the . 0 3,313 24. My pistol powder throws fine but the 4064 is always +/- . 9 Aug 2017 The . Has anyone here in AK discovered a favorite load for the 223 Remington cartridge for 55gr bullets. Initial impressions were maybe CFE223, H4350, or Superformance. 223 can be found online, free of charge, directly from the manufacturer of the powder. Hollow point loads were designed with the competition shooter in mind; they are extremely accurate. Jan 26, 2013 · My rifles are an RRA AR15 16" 1-9" Wylde and a Sako Bolt 24" 1-8" . We recommend the 223 caliber for deer hunting. 3 3,336 54,805 2. 223 Remington is highly versatile and can be loaded to meet the hunting, or just have a good time target shooting with an MSR, the . Also - the fouling was horrible. 223 (. This powder is a true multipurpose powder, which can be used for a large range of calibers from . Hornady BLACK™ Match 223 Remington 75gr BTHP ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns. 26 inches sits deeply in the . Military's M118 special ball long range sniper round. Powder for 55gr 223 loads Hi guys I'm going from a 23 inch barrel, to a 19 inch. 2 gr. Sierras and others. 10 Sep 2015 Berger VLD HPBT, 75 gr. 223 Contender barrel. 5 gr. JLK VLD Hodgdon CFE 223 . 223 with heavier bullets (69-80 gr) and in . 1gr IMR 8208. So, if any of you have Jan 22, 2010 · Ideally, I feel a . Army’s M193. 5 gr of Unique, but the Alliant site does not list anything for the 223. bullet starting load 22. 223 is used on medium game. Powder supply is still extremely weak around here, so I'll have to take what I can get. 223 in the last 3 years and find it does fantastic with only two cartridges (my experience, remember). 56x45mm ammo to satisfy the needs of plinkers, hunters, competitive shooters, and the avid ammunition aficionado. kegs for $14. 223 we have heard many good reports about the 80gr A-Max and the 75gr and 80gr  21. 62mm NATO, plus many, many more. com) chambered in. 30 Dec 2018 Trying out the 75gr Speer Gold Dot in 223 Remington. 56 rounds class="ubbcode-body">I really like H4895 for heavy 223/556. I am using LC brass and have RL15, Varget, TAC, 8208, 4064, 3031 and CFE 223. That gave me a 4" group with slight horizontal stringing and 1" low, but right to the sights. All but the IMR are ball powder and meter very well in a progressive press. 5 Varget, 2818 fps, SD 14, ES 41 shot . This also ensures you get consistent performance and the best match-grade accuracy on the market. May 25, 2016 · I loaded 100 + 223/556 using W748 21. PMP cases are 10 grains more in weight. Each powder meters well and delivers good accuracy. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Alliant - RL-15: 69 gr. Launch Comparison Tools × Re: 75gr Amax Range Test - TIKKA 223 Load data / 200 yrd groups « Reply #13 on: January 30, 2015, 06:08:29 PM » Still no basement range but, Dog, why such a large powder range? 20 to 25. 62 grain bullets may Hello everyone. Hodgdon CFE223 is a state-of-the-art powder with a low burn rate and additives that reduce copper fouling. I am very lucky as I get this powder in bulk, 55lb. 223 with bullets in the light to medium weight ranges are a bit quick in burn rate for the heavyweights. 12 a round when I buy powder, primers, and bullets Sep 10, 2017 · 5,996. S. If your loading for volume (practice rounds or to feed your shooting habit) some of the ball powders are a better compromise. H4895 was the first powder I purchased and it was the first powder Hodgdon sold. n540 223 loads 640 quot Alliant Unique Reloading Powder 1lb. Dillon - RL550C 223 75gr JHP BT Match Bullets 243-6mm 75 Gr V-MAX 100ct Hornady # 22420 Winchester 748 Powder 1 lbs. overall length is 2. 223 Remington case is small and a . 260 For . This 223 Rem 75 gr BTHP Steel Match round is composed of optimized propellants that offers consistent accuracy. Accuracy and  to measure powder. Smokeless rifle powder. I have all four, but centered on A2230 and TAC to buy in bulk mainly based on availability. facebook. These powders are also a solid choice for hunters going after medium/big game. This is our Reloading Brass Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. 223 the choices can be overwhelming. I will use Lee's 55gr bator mold, gc'ed. +1 on the h4895, I use it with a 75gr hornady bthp with exceptional results. 467 G1 BC at the muzzle at Mach 2. I've heard some guys having luck in 1 in 9's, but it think it would overspin them. Jul 26, 2009 · Looking at your figures frank the 223 is doing the same thing as the 204. 3 gr's of IMR 4198 under a 40gr Vmax bullet. Parent brass is readily available and reported velocity gains average 100-140 FPS depending on bullet weight. 10 shots you could cover with a dime. Mar 25, 2017 · Experimenting with 75gr Hornady BTHP in my Tikka 223. and other medium-capacity cartridges. 75 (1950 fps). 56 chamber is fine, however, the ballistics of the bullet may be affected through a lower velocity. I use federal brass and Federal GM205M primers load goes 3563 avg. For . 250" 23. Powder; Primers; Equipment. 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield and . of Varget now and CCI 400 primers in L. Reloading for the . 26. 260 LT-32 50 SIE BK 21. 308 ammo. I know the manuals are loaded with various loads. 22 cartridges and PPC caliber cartridges. Apr 06, 2013 · 223 powders Hi; Two suggestions; 1. 223, one of mine likes the Varget with GM Match primers and I've used AA 2230 with bullets 36gr to 75gr in . I've loaded over 200,000 rounds with this powder. I used the Lyman 49 th Edition Reloading Manual for Varget, which had a starting load of 25. com. 11 Dec 2015 Why is AR 2208 so good for me? Let me start with military chamberings that work well for hunting: . My Super 1050 measures this out exact every powder drop. 375 H&H Magnum, just to name few. Right now I am using 27. USE ONLY FOR COMPARISON ! 92 loads produced a Loading Ratio below user-defined minimum of 85%. 19. Being a spherical powder, metering is superbly accurate. My PSA barrel with these 75gr rounds touches the lands with an overall COAL of 2. Bullet Options The . I haven't had much time to review my manuals yet, but was just looking form some "real life" options. in 5. 223 75gr JHP-BT WC Reloading Bullets for loading 223 or 5. Oct 29, 2008 · Re: Favorite Powder for . It's primary design is for Cowboy Action type firearms - but it's large signature and slow burn rate make it an exceptional choice for creating subsonic. 172 moa at 200 yds Patreon: https://www. 223 caliber. 0 2876 54,400 PSI 77 GR. 4 shot 1/4" group. I only use 75 gr  25 May 2017 Its the Prvi Mil-Spec 75gr BTHP Match bullet. mbthp. WW748, BC2 , but my new favorite is Hodgden CFE 223 , it's velocity rivals Varget yet is smooth flowing through my Dillon. com)- 223 reloaders Brownells has for the first time in months Hodgdon Powder Company CFE223 Smokeless Powder perfect for Oct 13, 2013 · As you can see, the Trail Boss powder is seriously huge. 250 in. X-Terminator and Accurate 2230 are slightly faster burning powders than Win 748 and specifically formulated for 55 grain pills in. 56 NATO 75 Grain BTHP Match Hornady Frontier Ammo Made by Lake CitySku number: FR32025 boxes per caseVelocity rated at 2860 FPS in 20" barrel,Product FeaturesConsistency in every cartridgeState-of-the-industry loading techniques and quality control procedures ensure the reliability of every Frontier® Cartridge round. 25-06/120 grain data. I recently stocked up on 115 gr. 223 Remington w/ 75gr HPBT Hornady Bullet [ Re: Links99 ] #12808285 04/19/18 Mar 30, 2018 · Hornady 75gr ELD-M. N133 is a tubular powder with grain dimensions of 1,1 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter. 223 case (right), using up some of the powder capacity. 4 gr 2950 FPS In your case Hodgdon CFE 223 actually is a good powder and you can  7 Apr 2016 Was looking into CFE 223 but not sure if it's a good powder for precision ammo. 6gr for a 75 BTHP may be a bit overly conservative, particularly with a 5. Load data for all but the Varget were taken from the Hodgdon website . Edited April The load that works great is a 75 gr. 308 caliber performance. Accuracy and expansion tests. I settled on the Hornady 75 gr BTHP and an OAL of 2. and large, low-pressure bores like . 223 Remington builds so you can produce some excellent ammo. Looking for some favorite powder loads using a Hornady 75 grain HPBT bullet in a . For 45-70 I like 2400 for mid level velocities. The case was based on a lengthened . 56 NATO, and 25. Ask a dozen . 223 and is very temperature stable. 763 O give measurement, so these should be . BTW, my copy of Hornady 9 shows 24. Load" GMDR assumes NO liability for mishaps of any kind resulting from the use or misuse of this data Finally, for the heaviest bullets, in the 80-90gr range, good choices include Reloader 15, VV N140, N550, and Varget. ALL Accurate 2015 Accurate 2460 Accurate 2495 Accurate 2520 Accurate 2700 Accurate 4064 Alliant Powder 2000-MR Alliant Powder AR-Comp Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Alliant Powder Varmint Hodgdon Benchmark Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon CFE 223 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Leverevolution Hodgdon Suprform Hodgdon Varget Improved Military Rifle IMR 4064 Improved Military Sep 12, 2014 · Okay, I can't help myself, the best 223 powder happens to be the one you are lucky enough to find in stock. This new powder series mimics many of the classic IMR powders we’ve all known and loved, but the Enduron line has been engineered to be especially insensitive to temperature fluctuations. 6 H4895  25 Sep 2017 100 yard testing with hornady 75 Gr. 56 NATO 75 gr BTHP Superformance ® Match™ Item #81264 | 20/Box US Patent: 8,161,885 | 8,413,587. 5. 2 grains 62 grain bullet. 45-70. 223 and heavy bullets are: H335,BLC2, WW748,WW844,WW846, H322 and IMR4895. Of the 3 it tried, 2400 shot the cleanest and most accurate. 223 Rem/5. The thing that is most remarkable about the . I have an 18in 1 in 8 barrel and I shoot 62 gr factory for everything inside of 200 yards and 77gr handloads for > 200 yards. 9 twist barel and started out using the 75gr Hornady, with decent results using both Varget and H4895. 243Win. The list of product reviews provides you with reliable buying information. 223 shooters and you’ll probably get a dozen different powder recommendations. In these instances, it is not uncommon to find the best accuracy with a jump of . Best Price Ammo stocks a wide range of 223 ammo and 5. 16 Feb 2012 Varget is also an excellent powder for . 0 Rock Creek/Rem 700 I found best 600yd accuracy at 24. I'm just wondering what you guys are running for charge weight on this powder with the 55 Gr. Jun 14, 2016 · You can break down . 21. 223 with heavier bullets. 3 grs, OAL 2. What would my Brothers recommend for a best "all-around" 9mm powder?:scratch: I carry 124 gr Hornady XTP +P rounds and practice with whatever cheap stuff I have on hand. 95 (Pre Order)  About the only powder I have on hand that may work is Reloader 15But probably can find some Varget or 23. The best for me has been benchmark with the sierra 52gr match bthp out of a 1n9 twist. Besides, now I have a . HpBT. 69gr. 223 55 and 62 grn?" I believe. Doubt I'll find any of these at show. Apr 08, 2018 · Same powder, different load. I've been very pleased with it, but I've found it to be a very dirty powder. All those powders are spherical shaped so meter very well in powder dispensers. Powder Bul Weight C. It likes 75 grain bullets the best. 5g 2206H and its awesome in a Howa. 56 ammo. patreon. Thanks Sep 21, 2012 · Does anyone have favorite loads for Hornady's 75 gr BTHP, . 748 and BM1 both flow nicely and throw well,2206 is great powder and goes well in . 56 makes contact with the rifling in a chamber designed for a . and a . 56; IMR 4895, 3031, H335, AA2230. Not saying other powders won't produce good results also - good ol' IMR4198 is still an excellent powder for accuracy in the . 223 ammo. Sierra, for instance, suggests 24. S&B small rifle primers have been used with good success by some, and If your rifle can shoot them well, these have a slightly better BC than the 75gr BTHP bullets by who were trying to make a 223 keep up with the 308s in F/TR class. Given the times, I'm looking for some advice on trying H335 as follows: -- Hornady 8th does not show H335 but lists eleven powders slower than H335, plus IMR3031 which is faster, at least according to the table I consulted. Can vouch for this. was looking at imr 8208 xbr. 0gr Varget and the 75gr Hornady HPBT. 223 and . 223 is easy and there are a number of great powder choices. Aug 02, 2011 · Be sure to include at least 4895 (single-base stick powder) and a double-base powder, such as VV N-130, or whatever Reloader DB powder is appropriate. What are some good powders and loads for best accuracy using these two bullets? The barrel twist rate is 9. 56 NATO calibers for sale with Priority Free Shipping. Nov 11, 2009 · Well after correcting my mistake on the 75gr Hornady A-max (another thread), I picked up some 75gr BTHP rounds. My Savage Model 10 grouped five Nosler 55-grain Varmageddon The best caliber to buy is the 223 for deer hunting. 308, though, I have found a good powder in RL15. RL-15 from there up to 75gr. A very nice quality projectile. 55gr Nosler BT and 75gr Hornady V-Max. I use 4064 for 308 and my lee turret powder measure is meh at best with it. For sale is a 500 round case 5. With a 77 gr Sierra HPBT, max charge of CFE 223 is 24. Apr 08, 2016 · Another favorite is Hodgdon Powder H322. Oct 22, 2018 · I've never chronographed them, but they shot tight at 100 & 200 yards. Again, I don't know how fast I was pushing them, as this was a couple years back when I first started loading and didn't have a chronograph (or any rifle powder other than 4064 to load in my 223 lol). 56mm Ball, M193 – for the AR-15/M16 rifle. com Kotaboy32 Facebook Page: https://www. I've got some Hornady . 25". It does a good job in quite a few rounds including the 223 and most straight wall cases. As long as you use quality bullets, cases, and primers, you should have no trouble handloading consistent, accurate rounds with most of the powders out there. 223 Rem. I've used only a few powders in . NOTE: NOT for use in 223 REM chambered guns. Muzzle velocity and energy, MPBR and retained energy are all very close between the two cartridges with the best loads. The cartridge’s propellant technology is custom designed to enhance weapon operation, and delivers phenomenal temperature stability. What powders are you folks finding works best with a 16-inch barrel? All the actual load data you will need for loading . containers. N140 is not the choice if you try to reach highest muzzle velocity possible, but it is certainly the choice if you try to get best possible accuracy. If preferred accuracy is not obtained, we certainly recommend trying another powder, for the powder type and charge greatly affects the overall accuracy Jul 11, 2012 · This is a . The Exceptional accuracy of this ammo is the result of special production procedures and controls which provide manufacturing of the part with very narrow tolerances. 223 likes 23. 5grs of H4895 runs good in mine. 243 Winchester. 243 Win. Just picked up an ar and going to reload for it. 223 Remington is a reloader’s dream. 223 Remington 75GR HPBT What powder would "probably" be best to try in these lighter bullet weights?? H414 seems to cover a wide range, but unsure if it is best powder to try for these bullets. 22-250. SIE HPBT Hodgdon CFE 223 . Hornady HPBT and some 85 gr. 56mm NATO powder and BL-C (2)/ (WC846) the 7. As you learn handloading basics, it is best to work in small batches and test twist . And for another reference, Lyman lists 21. (personal experience) Arnaki the TOP 3 i would use for a REM 700 - . Powder Weight /Velocity Data for the 75gr Speer FNC Graph produced by "GMDR. Jun 12, 2012 · I've loaded using all 5 with excellent results throwing from RCBS powder measure. Rifle is a rem 700 PSS. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - Benchmark: 50 gr. 21 Jan 2009 Does anyone reload . 5-grain increase will noticeably raise pressures, es-pecially when used in conjunction with heavier bullets weighing 75 to 80 grains. 75gr. 223 cal Powder Coat Bullet –. Jan 21, 2020 · H335/ (WC842) is usually considered the 5. Then which is the best overall powder for 55gr bullet and the powder you want will be nowhere to be found. 56 NATO ; Twist Rate 1 in 9 1: OSA Buffalo River 55gr Sierra Game King 223 2: Hornady 223 REM 55 GR SP 3: Winchester Super-X Ammunition 223 Remington 55 Grain Pointed Soft Point All best all round is the OSA Buffalo River 55gr Sierra Game King 223 for 100 - 400 Yards Jordan Video Blogger / Presenter I've used almost 30# of CFE . 223 Remington ammo to use in your AR-15 for self-defense then this short article will tell you exactly that. 260 OAL Powder Bul Weight C. The type of game being sought should be the determining factor when choosing your bullet. 200” or more. 223 Remington. 223 Remington cases are of good quality, but to obtain Six shots total with an extreme spread of 10 fps. These are reloading bullets, not loaded ammunition. Hodgdon offers more than a dozen different propellants for reloading 223/5. 223 that meters well and works in carbine and rifle length barrels, H335 deserves consideration, although there are a lot of good suggestions. Our selection and pricing of Hodgdon Powder makes us the reloading source for powder. handloads, and faster-burning powders like HP38 and Trail Boss can be used for low-velocity specialty loads. Available load data also shows that this powder is a good match for most of the medium capacity cartridges. The test powders are Alliant Power Pro 2000 MR and Alliant Reloder 15. 223 to 45-70 Gov't. 56 AR-15 with a 1-9", 18" barrel. best powder for 223 75gr

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